Ice has been a way of life for thousands of years, the land is white and frozen. Creatures of
mystery and danger roam the ice wastes.
There is a prophesy that the Sun will rise once again and the waters will flow..

Cultures have developed tribal ruled kingdoms with each race mainly keeping to their homelands.

Dwarves keep to the ice caves of Dagger Mountains where they mine for ore and minerals. Both have made the mountain kingdoms very rich. Keep the peace with the Dwarves or very soon your clans will go short on weapons and coin. the Dwarves are best as your friend and not your enemy.

Halflings are nomadic, never in one location more than a month or two. They have a natural feel for the icy wastes and its constant motion. Seeming to predict when it will move and crack. This know how helps in tracking the many beasts that call the ice it’s home.

Elves have made the Geyser fields their home, where the jets of ice water freeze almost instantly upon contact with air. Forming towers of crystal like ice from which the Elves have carved cathedral like structures and elaborate homes. The light refractive like your looking upon the home of the Gods. Everything is made from the glass like ice from household items to armour. Bows that shoot crystal sharp ice arrows. Do not be deceived, the ice is stronger than you would think. Maybe the Elves know some form of ice magic.

Humans, they are the most widely spread of the four base races. Building fortress, castles, cities and townships. Carving blocks of ice to construct vastly impressive structures that can be seen for mile. Culturally they have nothing great to bring to the pot when dealing with the other races but they match all with their intellectual learning capacities and their ruthlessness when it comes to war. They have tamed the ice. Understand its movement and beaten it into submission. This is what any human will tell you. “If you deny the truth long enough,it becomes truth”. A old human saying

Orcs, move across the icy lands like running water from a goblet. Spreading destruction and serving death wherever they go. Then retreat to their ice caves which lay hidden from view. Only the most skilled Orc tracker could find. The breed like clouds and move like the wind. Their vast numbers keep them warm when the great ice storms strike. They carve tunnels deep underground in a matter of days. Then when raiding is done move on. Leaving the tunnels as traveler’s death traps or a new home for the great ice wyrms.

Trolls roam the ice at night. Sniffing out traders, campers, homesteaders and lost Adventures. Their size is legendary as well as their midnight wailing which can be heard for may leagues. The cold has little effect upon these creature even when the temperature drops to its lowest at the heart of the great ice storm.

Tundra Bear, mainly found in the wide open spaces of the ice tundra, these beasts have one of the thickest furs of any of the free roaming creatures and is sort after by every race. Not to be underestimated, it’s as dangerous as any cornered dragon and as fast as a falling star. Using its mighty claws to dig away at the ice for the Slider Seals that live just beneath the ice sheet.